Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of Telangana. Almost 55 per cent of the labour force by occupation is dependent on Agriculture. The farmers in Telanganamainly depend on rain fed sources of irrigation and hence due to the vagaries of adverse climate change there is usually a cycle of drought once in every three years.

In-spite of the presence of two perennial rivers and also due to administrative apathy of erstwhile governments there had been no considerable increase in gross irrigated area which resulted in agriculture being a losing proposition for the farmers in the region.

The Rythu or the farmers wing of TelanganaJagruthi is at the forefront of helping the farmers who are heavily in debt due to crop failures arising from impacts like flood, drought and other climatic conditions till date and especially those families where the main bread winner has committed suicides.

Currently, TelanganaJagruthi is supporting 369 families by giving a financial aid of Rs 2500 per family per month beginning from November 2015. (For more details, please visit the ongoing projects section under the Projects head.

TelanganaJagruthi is commited to the comprehensive development of the Agricultural Sector by promoting technology, scientific agricultural practices, agri-research and organic farming.