Community Health Screening Camps

Health and wellbeing of members of the society is one of the top priorities of Telangana Jagruthi. We believe, access to healthcare is a basic human right. Telangana Jagruthi goes directly to the community at the village grass root levels to conduct health camps which include health check-ups and medical advice on peoples’ health concerns. Also, the health camps serves as an effective avenue to spread awareness on disease prevention, sanitation and other healthy practices.

Large Scale Event Based Health Camps

Telangana Jagruthi aims at taking healthcare to the masses and therefore seeks to maximize its healthcare outreach to large scale events with the view of providing healthcare to as many people as possible.The organization therefore conducts health camps in large scale events such as Pushkaralu, Sammakka Sarakka, Nagoba Jatara, Komuravelli Jatara, Kurumurthy and Yedupayala jathara where about 100,000 to 1 million people visit temples during certain days. By these health camps, Telangana Jagruthi not only addresses the emergency medical assistance on the ground, but also, disseminate awareness for cleanliness and proper disposal of waste to restrict contagious diseases.

Health care Private Public Partnerships:

Telangana Jagruthi engages private healthcare institutes to sponsor resources and share with public health centers and hospitals. These activities include financial assistance and donation of equipment to public health centers and creating a partnership for the seamless healthcare for the people of the community.