The Students wing of TelanganaJagruthi takes an active part to ensure thatquality education is accessible to every child.Major progress has been made for education access, specifically at the primary school level, for both boys and girls in the State of Telangana. However,TelanganaJagruthirealizes that access does not always mean the ability to perform well academically or completion of basic education. In this regard we aim to focus on strategies to improve the facilities in Government Schools and Colleges.
Thereafter, the students wing actively encourages and holds counselling sessions for students to map their overall potential and area of interest so that they can choose their field of higher education or vocational training as the case may be.

Its other chief objectives are to :

  • At the school level we encourage the young students to join NCC/ Scouts and Guides to inculcate in the students a sense of duty and love for the nation.
  • Nutrition and Immunisation.
  • Better Schools and wholistic learning.
  • Inculcate Habits related to Health and Hygiene for children and adolescent girls.
  • Widening the scope of learning by encouraging them to participate in extra curricular activities.
  • Conduct sessions for developing communication skills.
  • Help economically backward meritorious students.
  • Inculcate social responsibility in students.
  • Develop a good reading habit.