The TelanganaJagruthi Youth Wing strives towards motivating the youth and encouraging them to be a part of the nation building process. Since large sections of the youth were actively involved with the movement for State hood , in the current time we aim to channelize their energies in for the benefit of the society.

The core focus of TelanganaJagruthi has been the Skill training to begin with.
TelanganaJagruthi established Govt of India certified skills training centers in all the 17 Parliamentary Segments of the State.
Moving one step ahead and in a responsible way from the usual Skills Training Centers, The TelanganaJagruthi skills initiative has been able to successfully place 1500 students in 2015-16 as a result of forging the right partnerships with the concerned industry.
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Apart from the above initiatives, the primary objectives of the Youth Wing are to:

Promote Self-Help Groups and help them access government schemes and access to finance at affordable rates.
Encourage youth to use RTI act and thereby promote transparency in governance
Promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging sports, games, Yoga and physical exercise
Encouraging blood and organ donation
Actively Involving in Environmental Activities like large scale planting of saplings
Encourage youth to play an active role in politics