Founder's Message

In every society, there comes a time when it goes through a paradigm shift signaled by a massive awakening. This awakening takes place when the people of the land become conscious of their being, their living conditions, and their aspirations for the future.

Telangana Jagruthi means the awakening of Telangana and it denotes the coming together of people’s collective conscience to invoke a common Telangana identity. In search for our identity, we have looked at our past on the one hand, and towards the future on the other and through these lenses have evaluated our current condition.

Telangana Jagruthi aims to improve the conditions of the people of Telangana so that they can achieve their highest aspirations to fulfill their complete potential. The organization has adopted a multi-pronged approach to reach this goal.

It includes celebrating and instilling pride and confidence in the Telangana identity, supporting and implementing initiatives to foster greater human development for the people of Telangana and to put Telangana on the path of a sustainable growth by giving equitable access to opportunities for people from all sections of the society.

It is my firm belief that with Telangana Jagruthi’s successful efforts in empowering people by giving them access to resources for sustainable human development in a safe environment, with a close network that supports collective growth, fired by a sense of pride for Telangana, our people will be able to achieve the greatest heights our culture has yet seen.

It is with this belief that I venture ahead with Telangana Jagruthi alongside the hopes, aspirations and fortitude of our people, especially our women and youth.

It has almost been a decade since we started this organization and today it is heartening to see that Telangana Jagruthi has already impacted so many lives. People from all sections, socio-economic backgrounds and from different walks of life have been impacted by Telangana Jagruthi and have come together to participate in our efforts for a better society.

With our chapters spread across the world, we are also making a positive impact in other countries using our large volunteer base unified under the Telangana Jagruthi banner.

Now with Telangana Jagruthi’s multiple projects working in different focus areas such as skill development, education and health etc. along with its enthusiastic volunteers spread across the world, we can produce a much greater impact to take the spirit of Telangana to new heights!

Thank You
Kavitha Kalvakuntla
Founder & President
Telangana Jagruthi