TelanganaJagruthi Health Wing aims to ensure that all citizens have access to quality and affordable healthcare services.
The Health Wing of TelanganaJagruthiactively works at the grassroot level in partnership with communities, local government hospitals, along with a dedicated team of health professionals to conduct periodic health camps and provide the required medicines to the needy people as well as improving the facelities available at the hospitals.
TelanganaJagruthi also acts as a facilitator as well as a catalyst to encourage the private health care sector to extend facilities to Government Health Sector.
Its chief objectives are to:
1.Educate people about seasonal diseases and the precautions to be taken as well as conduct testing and spread awareness about AIDS and other life threatening diseases.
2.Conduct health camps in tribal hamlets and also slums in cities.
3.Focus on pregnant women and newborn healthcare.
4.Blood Donation and Organ Donation.
5.To create awareness and help managements to provide safe work environment to avoid occupational hazards.
6.To achieve overall wellness Free Yoga camps are also conducted.
7.Provision of Health Center SERVICES in places of mass religious gatherings.