Mushaira - Urdu Poetry Day in Memory of Maqdoom Mohiuddin

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Importance of the mushaira in playing a role in maintaining communal harmony in the country. Hindustan is a country with so many different religions co-existing peacefully. The roots of our country are embedded in our ekta (oneness) and making the dais their platform for social reform, poets should work towards maintain this spirit of oneness of the nation.

Urdu is the language of love. Urdu encompasses much more than a mere language. It epitomises an entire culture, a particular tehzeeb. We cannot associate a language with a religion. If one says that Urdu is the language of one community, that community is Hindustan.

Telangana Jagruthi conducts Mushaira on February 4th every year to commomerote the poet of Telangana Maqdoom Mohiuddin.