Preserving Language, Heritage & Culture

The history of Telangana has been long subdued owing to various socio-cultural pressures. The Telangana movement has inspired our constant endeavor to discover and disseminate the history of Telangana in an evidence based, research oriented manner.

When language, cultural wisdom and pride, are not passed down to our children; our society as a whole, will loss a valuable body of wisdom. The rich age-old diverse culture and traditions of Telangana, the inter-generational wisdom, are all being lost. Our culture, history and the heritage help us struggle with some of the complex social issues that we face.

When language and culture and heritage are preserved, and children learn pride in who they are and respect for one another, the collaborative wisdom of our nation’s diverse cultures will help us in creating an environment of peaceful coexistence.

Telangana Jagruthi is preserving and promoting the culture of Telangana. Towards this end, we have taken up multiple projects and activities to keep the culture live and make sure it is passed to next generations.

Programs like, supporting the research pertaining to language, culture and heritage; publication of books, reprinting out-of- print books; collecting and documenting the folklore in audio, video and print form etc.