“Kalvakuntla Kavitha” is Telangana states first woman Parlamentarian representing Nizamabad Lok Sabha Constituency. She is the Founder and President of Telangana Jagruthi.
She worked as Computer Engineer in the United States after a short stint at University of Southern Mississippi as graduate student.In 2004, Kavitha returned to India. As a mother of a young child she stayed at home for a while and ventured as a first-generation entrepreneur.
In 2006, the Telangana movement got a fresh impetus with the resignation of its leader K Chandrashekhar Rao from the Union Cabinet to express his strong dissent with the Central Government for going back on the promise of Telangana State formation.
This inspired millions of people from Telangana, who left their careers to join the movement. Motivated by the commitment and sacrifices made by the movement leader and others who joined the movement, Kavitha plunged herself in the people’s movement.To get a first hand knowledge of the problems affecting the people, Kavitha travelled the length and breadth of Telangana, touring the most remote villages. This journey led to a paradigm shift in Kavitha’s understanding of society in general and Telangana in particular.
The magnitude of poverty,  lack of basic needs like power, potable and irrigated water, unemployment and related exploitation moved her.Despite the despair in Telangana, Kavitha observed, Telangana people had a great love and enthusiasm for indigenous art and culture across all sections.Kavitha believed that love for indigenous arts, could be a common thread to bind all sections of the society together.
Bathukamma was one of the unique festivals, which is connected to the hearts of people of Telangana.
By celebrating Bathukamma on a large scale and involving people from all sections of the society, she aimed to instill a sense of pride in their own culture.Starting from 2008, till date, Kavitha is actively involved with Telangana Jagruthi and celebrating Bathukamma for all the nine days each year, not only across Telangana, but globally.Inspired by Kavitha’s efforts, thousands of spirited Telangana women participated in the Bathukamma celebrations giving a fresh breath of energy to the ongoing Telangana Movement.Took an active leadership in the protests and demonstrations that were organized in support of the statehood movement all across Telangana.These struggles brought her closer to the people. Her massive electoral victory stood as testimonial as a people’s person and a household name.As an MP, in Parliament and public life, Kavitha passionately espouses the cause of Telangana as well as other national issues.Currently, Kavitha serves as member of various Parliamentary Committees.
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