Promoting language & Culture

Language is considered as the cornerstone of culture and the ultimate expression of belonging as it is through language that culture is shared and transmitted, a unique world view is expressed and identity is molded and recreated. Promoting language is preserving and promoting the culture and the body of knowledge of that culture.

Telangana Jagruthi promotes Telugu and Urdu languages, via publishing, Books of reference including books of knowledge, compilation of anthologies, bibliography and dictionaries. Publishing of Descriptive Catalogues of rare manuscripts. Original writings linguistics, literature and studies in anthropological and cultural themes.

Publication of ancient manuscripts with or without translation are some of the activities Telangana Jagruthi is involved in promotion. Conducting seminars, round-table conferences, workshops, Kavi Sammelans, Poetry recitals, mushairas etc as a part of promotion of language. Telangana Jagruthi creates a mass awareness about the languages and its importance by celebrating Hindi Divas, Urdu Day and Telugu literary figures.