TJ- Raithu Bhruti: Save a Farmer Project


In India, over the past decade, a variety of factors ranging from climate change to lack of access to capital and insurance, information asymmetry, underdeveloped technology and infrastructure etc. have led to acute farmer indebtedness and has resultantly driven over a hundred thousand farmers to commit suicides.


From November 2015, Telangana Jagruthi has committed to support 340 distressed farmer families, for the next four years with a financial support of Rs. 2500/- every month.


Besides financial assistance, Telangana Jagruthi also provides psychological counselling and other support to 350 families where the head of the family has committed suicide. This program shall come to an end in the year 2019.


Recently, Telangana Jagruthi partnered with the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University to define an evaluation framework for the project to assess its impact upon its culmination in 2019.


Details of Telangana Jagruthi’s 4 pronged strategy to support farmer families:



  1. Financial Support: Telangana Jagruthi provides a direct financial support by a direct cash transfer to their bank accounts to meet their household expenses. Since November 2015, Telangana Jagruthi has provided a financial support of Rs.2500 per month to these families. This financial support will continue till the program ends in 2019.
  2. Education to the Children: Children of the identified families are given special assistance and facilitated guidance to help them continue their education and secure admissions in educational institutions. For those who have dropped out of schools, the organization works toward helping them get back to  school by providing the required financial assistance to purchase books, stationery and in some cases fund the tuition tuition fee through scholarship grants.
  3. Counselling to the spouses: Telangana Jagruthi volunteers support the widowed in the affected families by providing psychological counseling to cope with their loss and face the day-to-day challenges of life.
  4. Training and Employment to the family members: Telangana Jagruthi provides free skill development training to members of the family. Some women receive training in self-employment courses and have become first generation entrepreneurs.