Adopt a Farmer


Save a Farmer

Agrarian crisis over the decades in Telangana have costed some farmers their life. Due to financial loss and debt-trap, some farmers committed suicide. These farmer families became distressed when the breadwinners lost their lives.

From November 2015, Telangana Jagruthi has committed to support 340 distressed farmer families, for the next four years with a financial support of Rs. 2500 every month. But that is not all! Telangna Jagruthi provided psychological counselling to the bereaved families and also extended support to help their children education and the family health care.

Promoting Organic Farming:

Organic farming is a whole system way of producing food. This means that organic farmers think about the effects of their farming practices on the soil, the quality of the food they produce, the local community and the wider environment. Organic agriculture seeks to maintain and improve the productivity of the land by encouraging and enhancing natural biological processes.

Promoting Scientific farming

Telangana Jagruthi creates an awareness about organic farming, facilitate support groups and creating a marketplace for the demand and supply side of the organic produce. Facilitation of Organic Certification for produce is another activity that Jaguthi coordinates between farms and the certifying agency.

Jagruthi Agri Camps for Safe and Scientific Farming

Telangana Jagruthi organizes camps for farmers during farming season to bring awareness about the safe and scientific farming practices. Due to lack of awareness, there is an indiscriminate use of pesticides and fertilizers for crops. This excessive use of chemicals is not only harming the environment but adversely impacting the health of the farmer.

The objective of these ongoing camps is to create awareness among the farmers about:

1.Safe use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
2.Scientific farming techniques and practices
3.Adopting appropriate technologies for increasing crop yield and increased profitability