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The greatest potential for changing the society for the better lies, in the youth of a nation. The young population with its vibrancy, enthusiasm, desire for innovation and dynamism therefore forms the most important section of the society. Investing and developing youth is indeed the same as investing and contributing towards the future of the civilization. India has the biggest youth population in the world. 65% of the Indian population (i.e. approx. 800 million people) is 35 years old or younger.

While Countries across Europe and East Asia are grappling with declining birth-rates and aging populations, societies across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia are experiencing youth booms. India has 300 million people under the age of 15: the highest in the world. This is larger than entire population of most countries in the world except three countries with large youth populations could see their economies soar, provided they invest heavily in young people’s education and health and protect their rights.

Young people need and deserve economic opportunities, civic engagement, and justice to have a positive impact on their communities. The energy and passion of the youth if utilized properly, can bring about immense positive change to the society and progress to the nation.

We have number of programs designed for Youth
Skill Development to enhance employability of tens of thousands
International Seminars to identify opportunities and challenges.